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The Voices of Advent: Mary – A Narrative

Recorded on December 20th, 2020

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From a scared little girl to the mother of our Savior. Listen as Pastor Rothschild delivers a narrative sermon from the perspective of Mary.

Transcript of Sermon:

We are continuing on in our narrative series um for advent listening to the voices of advent now a narrative series is really listening to the stories of different people different um characters of the advent story today we are going to be listening to the story of mary as we see in luke 2 1-12 here’s what the scripture says in those days caesar augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire roman world this was the first census that took place while quirinius was governor of syria and everyone went to their own town to register so joseph also went up from the town of nazareth in gallery to judea to bethlehem to the town of david because he belonged to the house and the line of david he went there to register with mary who has pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child while they were there the time came for the baby to be born she gave birth to her firstborn a son she wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger because there was no guest room available for them and there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby keeping watch over their flocks at night an angel of the lord appeared to them and the glory of the lord shined all around them and they were terrified but the angel said to them do not be afraid i bring you good news that they will cause great joy for all people today in the town of david a savior has been born to you he is the messiah the lord this will be assigned to you you will find a baby wrapped in cloth and lying in a manger this is the word of god for the people of god thanks be to god i don’t quite know why i had any expectations at all i mean given what had happened already i can’t imagine that i had any right to have any expectations i mean everything that had happened so far was so far outside of anything that i could imagine but still still the events that i have just gone through they’re more that i thought that i could ever have ever been able to go through in my life when that angel showed up and said to me mary mary the lord has chosen you the lord has chosen you to carry the messiah when the angel came and told me that when i processed that when when i thought through what that meant when i came to terms with that i thought that all of the crazy things would be over i thought that that would probably be the hardest part of all because honestly who sees angels honestly it was so hard to process the idea of what it meant to have a baby and still be a virgin and when i thought about what it would be like to be pregnant i thought i was going to be alone because i was sure that joseph was going to leave me but then joseph didn’t leave me somehow some way that glorious beautiful wonderful man he chose to stay he chose to believe that i hadn’t given my virginity away that somehow this baby is what god says this baby is that i am who i say i am a child myself so i guess i shouldn’t have been surprised but i was i thought it would be easier i thought it would be so much easier i mean having the lord’s child you think maybe just maybe it would be something that shouldn’t be so fraught with hardship that maybe just maybe you get to do it surrounded by people that you know people that you love in an area in an area that is familiar to you but instead instead the stupid powers that be told us we had to go and be counted for some stupid senses a census nine months pregnant and the senses and so we had to strap all of our goods and start a journey that we knew would take us twice as long because i was so pregnant 90 miles at nine months pregnant can you imagine what that’s like 90 miles frigid cold raining most of the time and the number of layers that we’re having to wear in order to get us through is just so weighty and my body’s already so tired and through this whole journey that got us to where we are right now in this moment as i look back to the walking i remember begging god over and over again to show me what’s the purpose of this why ask me to carry this promised child this blessed messiah if you knew that this was going to happen if you knew that i was going to be asked to take this walk i’m supposed to protect this child i’m in charge of this child and you’re asking me to do it here on this road where there’s robbers and thieves everywhere where we’re not protected by anything where i don’t have my family joseph doesn’t have his family night and day night and day on a journey where i don’t even know when we’re gonna show up in bethlehem will this baby wait until we get to bethlehem those days were the scariest days of my life i thought seeing an angel was scary i didn’t know anything i was cold i was wet and every expectation that i had was shattered i don’t know if you’ve ever been in that place where you had expectations and they were just shattered the world around me was chaos and i felt so lonely yes i had joseph and joseph as a good man but everything being so different so uncertain i felt so alone but one night as we were walking and we were getting ready to lay down on the hard earth again it felt like god whispered to me something that i held onto every moment from then on i realized something i realized that though i didn’t expect any of this god wasn’t surprised by any of it it was all unexpected to me it was all new to me it was all chaos to me it was all scary to me but none of it not one piece of it was something that god didn’t know about ahead of time none of it was something that god hadn’t prepared for already none of it was something that was a surprise to god and i know that didn’t come for me because honestly i’m it couldn’t have come from me god in that moment shared with me that i was gonna be okay because god had gone before me god had already prepared the way whatever was going to come no matter how unexpected it felt for me no matter how lonely i felt in that moment it was going to be okay i didn’t have to do it alone because god had already done the things for me i just knew that i had to keep getting up and taking the next step and so that’s what i did i got up and i kept walking but i did the human thing again i kept making expectations and i don’t know why i did that because i already had them dashed but i thought if i could just get to bethlehem if i can just get to bethlehem in bethlehem there will be a bed in bethlehem there will be a fire in bethlehem we can rest but as soon as we got to bethlehem i realized i was a fool there were so many people in bethlehem and you’d think my loneliness would have gone away but my loneliness only got deeper because the chaos became more and not only did the chaos become more but my body began to do these things that let me know that the time had come this baby was not gonna wait any longer and as hard as joseph tried as hard as he tried to find us a place there was no room at the end there was no room at the end there was no mom to help me with the child there were no familiar faces and i just had to go back to that word that god gave me that this is in the surprise mary this isn’t a surprise mary though it’s new to you though it’s scary to you mary this isn’t a surprise to me trust me mary and so that night as we sit in the only accommodations that we could find for us amongst animals in a cave amongst animals can you believe that the god knew that god knew that the messiah was going to be born birthed birthed not in a room full of beautiful sheets and a bed but in a cave filled with animals that the only place that i would be able to lay this beautiful beautiful child was in a manger meant to feed those animals but i had no choice other than to trust god and so i did and as my body did that thing that bodies do this baby came into the world and as i heard the sounds of the christ child come i knew i knew i knew that no matter what hope had entered the world permanently and that even though i was never going to have it all figured out god would always be there with me with this child to make sure that whatever needed to happen would happen as long as i took that next step and as i looked into those babes eyes i saw reflected back into me a love i had never ever known before and i knew i knew that the world of chaos around me needed this love and the loneliness that i had been feeling the fear i had been feeling the chaos i had been feeling began to drift out of my body and the night became silent in such a way that it was glorious and i understood perhaps for the first time in my life what it really meant to sit in the peace of god knowing that god is holding us in god’s hands as i held in my hands the savior of the world i’m not worthy of this position there’s nothing about me that’s worthy of this position but i know that with god on my side step by step i’m gonna be okay hope is here hope is real and that’s the world that we get to live in now with the birth of that child let us pray god you sent your son jesus to be emmanuel lord with us in the midst of our chaos in the midst of our brokenness in the midst of our unmet expectations in the midst of our hurt and our pain god today we need to know how to rest in the hope of god with us how to see your face how to know that you are already here and how to take one step at a time toward the work that you’re already doing in our lives god teach us to rest in the work that was done on that beautiful christmas day it’s in the name of jesus we pray amen