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Archived Sermons


Galatians: How to Live into Freedom

Stop. Drop. And Roll. When you find yourself in the midst of thinking that is flawed, hurtful, or negative, you should stop, drop the feeling, and roll on to the list of the fruits of the Spirit, and replace it with that.

Galatians: Called to be Free

Whatever you think you’re in control of, that thing is controlling you, enslaving you. It’s not letting you experience God’s best for you. It takes bravery to give up control. God can help.


Galatians: Child of God

As we walk away from the laws of this world, and walk into God’s law, are you prepared to make the changes and sacrifices that are asked of you?


Galatians: The Whole Picture

Are you living by faith, or are you living by the law?


Galatians: Faith or Works

Learn how to rest in faith as a child of God – knowing that our faith will grow us and lead us in our journey.


Galatians: Deciding Whom to Trust

Are you ready to lay down the things that belong to the world at the altar of God, and pick up the one thing we are called to carry with us – our relationship with Christ?