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Mark 16

Recorded on June 13th, 2021

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Are you ready to proclaim the glory that is Jesus?

Transcript of Sermon:

we’re going to finish now with our journey through mark it has been a joy to walk jesus’s footsteps with you we are going to be in mark 16. we are going to be reading verses 9 through 20. you can read them on your bulletin or maybe on this oh yeah look at that on the screen behind you so let us read these words from jesus when jesus rose early on the first day of the week he appeared first to mary magdalene out of whom he had driven seven demons she went and told those who had been with him and who were mourning and weeping when they heard that jesus was alive and that she had seen him they did not believe it jesus appeared in a different form to two of them while they were walking in the country they returned and reported it to the rest but they did not believe them either later jesus appeared to the eleven as they were eating he rebuked them for their lack of faith and their stubborn refusal to believe those who had seen him after he had risen he said to them go into all the world and preach to the gospel to all the creation whoever believes and is baptized will be saved but whoever does not believe will be condemned and these signs will accompany those who believe in my name they will drive out demons they will speak in new tongues they will pick up snakes with their hands and when they drink deadly poison it will not hurt them at all they will place their hands on sick people and they will get well after the lord jesus had spoken to them he was taken up to heaven and he sat at the right hand of god then the disciples went out and preached everywhere and the lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it this is the word of god for the people of god thanks be to god y’all before i start just have to know how sweaty i feel right now okay i’m a southerner i i know i’m from california but i feel very southern right now wanting to not be all um disgusting for you okay now that that’s over i am a girl you know listen this week i was besotted with this idea of the two words once then once i win the lottery then i’ll be able to do everything that i know i can do in this world ed says i have to split it with y’all i would once once i get all of my sins taken care of then i can go back to the church once once i figure out this praying thing then i can pray out loud in front of others because then i won’t look like an idiot once once i figure out my finances then i can give back to that children’s hospital that helped my daughter so much once the lights go back on then we can have church in fact that’s a thought i had this morning when the lights went out i thought well maybe we should just cancel church that’s the human part of me thinking that we needed lights to do church thinking that i had to have lights in order to share the word of god with you but that was the human part of me that was the human part of me trying to get out of something you know we do that sometimes we try and rationalize ourselves out of things i love being with you but the lights went out something that i think we have to have in order to do church and all of a sudden i was thinking okay well what should we do well obviously we should cancel we can’t be here in the dark they won’t be able to hear me they won’t be able to see each other somebody’s gonna get hurt it’s not going to be a good thing and instantly inside the holy spirit was like you don’t need lights to do the church you don’t need lights you simply need the word of god and look at all of you that showed up even though there weren’t lights look at all of you that stayed in this place to hear the word even though there weren’t lights but this once then thinking is something that ties us up as humans it keeps us from doing the work that we are called to do it keeps us from being the best parents we can be we think once i get it figured out then i’ll get it together with my kids once i get my life figured out then i can engage better as a parent once i get it better to get things better together in my life then i can engage my extended family a little bit better once then we’re always waiting for something to happen in order to do that thing we know we kind of should be doing but the reality is that two set of words or that set of two words is really just a lie it’s a lie that we tell ourselves it’s a lie that often the enemy uses to keep us from growing as humans simply humans not even in our faith but just as humans it’s an eye it’s a lie that keeps us from growing in our faith and it’s a lie that keeps us from the deepest relationship possible with god this lie that we have to have it figured out that we have to get somewhere first before we can start what we’re supposed to be doing and you can see that here in this scripture you know preaching on these things things like the death of jesus and the resurrection of jesus outside of the realm of easter has shown me so much in these scriptures and what i saw this week was exactly the opposite of the once then thinking when you look at what happens here with the disciples and jesus you see the exact opposite of once then thinking you see what happens here is jesus shows up he died on a friday he was put in a tomb and a huge rock was rolled in front of that tomb and his disciples and his followers his mother his brothers they were devastated devastated it says in here they were weeping and mourning weeping and mourning their teacher their mentor somebody they loved with everything that they had had died and i bet with all of my soul that they really did not think that that was going to happen even though jesus told them three times that this had to happen jesus told them three times that this was going to happen we as humans tend to think well he may be saying that but there’s no way that’s actually going to happen or he may be saying that but that’s different wording for some you know last minute save that’s going to happen he’s not going to die he’s not going to leave us there’s no way but he did he died he left them and for two days they were left in their grief and in their morning but on the third day that beautiful third day that resurrection day jesus starts appearing he starts showing up first mary mary magdalene is the first to see him and of all the people who should be a once then person it’s somebody like mary magdalene who was a great sinner who had seven demons inside of her who nobody in that society wanted to be a part of yet jesus choses chooses her to show up to he reveals himself to her and mary in great joy goes and tells the disciples that she has seen the resurrected jesus that jesus is alive [Music] this thing that they want to be true is actually true the one that they love is back but they don’t believe it they don’t believe it three times jesus told them that he was going to have to die but that he would come back on the third day he was going to have to leave them but he would return three times he told them in no uncertain terms to expect this very thing yet when it happens they don’t believe it then jesus appears to two of them on the road and he walks with them and displays himself to them and they return to the disciples who are weeping and mourning still can’t get outside of their grief and they go to the disciples and they say we’ve seen him he has been resurrected he is alive but they don’t believe him they have doubt and it’s not until jesus shows up right in their face that they finally believe that they finally see that everything jesus said was going to happen well guess what it happened that the one that they were grieving that the one that they were mourning the one that they missed was back just as he said he was going to be you know what’s interesting about this if i had been with jesus for three years following jesus being mentored by jesus loving jesus and jesus told me told you three times very clearly i am going to die but i will be back in three days lord i hope that i would have been on the lookout i pray that you and i would have said okay okay it’s the third day where should we be where do you think he’s gonna show up where should we be waiting did he tell us where to wait and if he told us where we wait we should be there and we should be we should not be asleep we should not be mourning we should be waiting eagerly anticipating the resurrection of our savior who told us he was going to come because you know what we’ve seen him raise the dead we saw what he did with lazarus we’ve seen this happen it shouldn’t be something that we think is impossible so maybe you and i do you think it’s possible we might have been waiting eagerly anticipating the resurrection of our lord or maybe you and i would have just been like the disciples lost in our grief i wonder what jesus thought the human jesus thought his disciples were going to be doing i wonder if he hoped that they would be eagerly anticipating waiting with baited breath for that moment when he would finally show up knowing that he was going to return trusting that he was going to return because he said he was going to return but god knows all god’s seen all what a disappointment that must have been for jesus what a disappointment for the one who had walked with these people who had shown them what he was capable of and to show up and to see them mourning him mourning him even after they had heard of incidents of of him showing up of incidences of him being alive and so we see what jesus does we see that jesus rebukes them you see jesus shows up you’re mourning you’re sad imagine what you feel like when you finally see him you want to feel joy you want to feel happy and i bet you there’s part of you that does but there’s got to be another part of you that thinks oh i messed up oh boy if i messed up because you know that you failed to believe you know that you failed in your faith if it was me i would believe i didn’t belong in there anymore i know me well enough to know that i would believe that i didn’t have a seat at that table anymore that i didn’t deserve a seat at that table anymore i would believe that once my faith was better then maybe maybe i could be a disciple again once i was better in my belief then maybe just maybe jesus would trust me and use me for the work but that’s not what happens yes they are rebuked yes jesus says why have you lost faith why did you not believe why but you know what jesus does immediately after that it says jesus rebuked them for their stubborn refusal to believe and immediately after that the very next sentence is he said to them go into the world and preach the gospel to all creation it didn’t say okay you failed to believe you failed in your faith now go study some more go pray some more go get a little bit holier go make some seminaries and study at some seminaries and become um some pastors and make some churches and then just then maybe you’ll be ready to share the word not even close jesus said yes you have failed in your faith but it is time to go as you are exactly as you are into this world sharing the good news that i’m alive because the good news that jesus is alive was good news for the disciples too it meant that jesus had conquered the thing that held them in shackles the sin of disbelief the sin of lack of faith the sin of our pride that keeps us from going all in the sin of our fear jesus said go jesus didn’t say hey go find a priest who’s holier than you and help them share the word jesus didn’t say hey go find a bible study teacher and help them share the word jesus said go and the news for you and i today is that we need to stop once denning ourselves look at our world our world today is broken and hurting there are people in your families your families whether your close family or your distant family but there are people in your families who are hurting who are slave to the things of this world in ways that are destroying them and if only they understood and knew the freedom that was available to them because jesus died and was risen because jesus loves them in a way that nothing in this world can love them no human and no thing there are people at your work people at your grocery store people at kohl’s where you go to get your cute little sweaters and the pants for your sunday barbecues there are people at the gas station where you go every i don’t know how often to get your gas who desperately need to know about this good news and when those people don’t hear of the good news they continue on in their broken nature and you don’t know how deep that broken crack is in their soul but we see evidence of it over 200 mass shootings 200 since the beginning of this year in the united states alone and when i hear that i want to push back and say there’s nothing i can do about that i don’t control guns i don’t control those people i’m not a politician i’m not anything that can control any of those things but you know what that’s a lie i tell myself i’m one sending myself once i have more power or once i have more status or once i have more voice in this community then maybe i could do something but that’s a lie i have power every time i’m in contact with another human being i have the power to show them that this world is better than they know it to be i have power to show them that god is real i have power to show them that god’s love is real and have power to show them that there is more to this world than they know is possible that is a power that i hold and i don’t have to be a pastor i don’t have to be a bible scholar i don’t have to be perfect i don’t have to have all my sins figured out i don’t have to be anything but me in order to share with them the love that god has given me the disciples were not perfect the disciples messed up all the time i your pastor am not perfect i still am trying to figure this thing called life out but our call from god our highest call is not to be apparent our highest call is not to be a grandparent our highest call is not to be a wife or a husband or a friend our highest call in life is to go and to share the good news so that people would know that god loves them if we are sharing the good news then this world finds healing your loved ones find healing your community finds healing this country which is ever so divided finds healing we need to stop thinking that we don’t have the power to do anything about it because we do but i’m with you i’m terrified it scares the snot out of me and i’m a pastor it scares the snot out of your pastor to do this to random strangers i’m okay standing up here but to talk to a random stranger about my faith he scares even mean but that’s what we’re told to do because if we do that then the world changes and isn’t that what we want don’t we want to live in a place where people believe that they are loved people understand that they are loved imagine just your family if everyone in your family alone understood how completely they were loved by god imagine what that would look like how that would change the dynamics of the people in your life imagine the tension that that would change the relationships that that would change and we can’t wait until we’re perfect we can’t wait until we’re not afraid we can’t wait we have to go and share the good news so what does that mean how do we do that how do we do that i encourage you to start small i start by smiling and asking god to open up a window and i and i don’t ever want to ask god to do that because you know what god will do it hey god give me the opportunity to share my faith today if you pray that it’s going to happen so you know and i know that and it terrifies me to pray that but i’ll do it and it’ll happen god when i’m out and about today help me to show somebody who needs to know your love that you are real and let god do the rest because listen to what says here at the end of this verse at the end of this chapter it says after the lord jesus had spoken to them he was taken up into heaven and the disciples went out they didn’t wait they didn’t wait till they got perfect they went out and they preached everywhere and listen what it says here and the lord worked with them you see they didn’t do the work who did the work the lord and the lord worked with them you see you don’t have to do the work you just have to be willing to put yourself out there you’re not in charge of changing their hearts you’re not in charge of fixing everything you’re just in charge of being a vessel of being available of making yourself available to the community to your family to the world to whoever god puts in your path you’re in charge of looking for people to put in your path instead of hiding in the grocery store like i do sometimes i’m so sorry but i do because i’m an introvert but you can’t say once i’m not an introvert then i’ll share the gospel i’m always going to be an introvert i got to find some ways to break out of that shell in order to share the good news so that my community can change so that people can be shared because what happens if they don’t hear the good news what is it saying here they will be condemned they won’t get to know so we gotta go we gotta go friends we gotta go your hearts are some of the most beautiful hearts i’ve ever met in my entire life every one of you and i know you have been touched by the love of god by the way you smile by the way you love each other by the way you care for each other and if we took that love that you have and we intentionally continued because i know you’re already doing it but if we stepped outside of the line where we drove our comfort line because we all have that comfort line if we took one step outside of that comfort line we’d make a huge difference in the world around us that is my challenge not only to you but to myself because the challenge that jesus gave us the command that jesus gave us the calling that jesus gave us was to go not to get it all figured out not to fix ourselves first yes we have to fix ourselves yes we have to grow not to do that first but to do in the process of sharing the love that we have received let us pray god we thank you for your love and your grace and your mercy we thank you that we don’t have to have it all figured out before we get to walk into a church before we get to walk into a community before we pray out loud for the first time but god we need some courage we need more passion when it comes to sharing this thing that you’ve given us help us to have the ability god please i beg of you each one of us holy spirit god you were lord jesus you gave us the holy spirit so that we could have this fire so that we could have these words to share the good news so holy spirit please come reside in us burn within us spew out of us the grace and the mercy that jesus has given us so that all would know the love of god and would accept that love into their hearts it’s in the name of jesus we pray amen