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Jesus, Human: Tempted

On this second Sunday of 2020’s COVID-19 shutdown, we talk about temptations. Jesus showed incredible vulnerability while on the cross, begging for help. But instead of using his Godly powers, he chose to act on his perfect love and die for us.


Grace Through Change

On this first Sunday of 2020’s COVID-19 shutdown, we talk about panic, fear, and ways that Jesus would want us to respond. We also learn about the United Methodist’s future when it comes to the upcoming votes around gay marriage, church splits, and more…


Jesus, Human: Tested

On top of the mountain after Jesus’ 40 days of fasting, he was tempted by the Devil. How are we tempted on a daily basis, and how can leaning on Christ help us with that testing?

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Jesus, Human: Intro

How was Jesus human? What made him so similar to us, and yet so different?


Ash Wednesday on Sunday: Return

“How in the world, did I get here?” We often ask ourselves that question when facing various levels of bad stuff. What we don’t ask is, “What can I do to help those around us?”


Three Simple Rules: Do Good

Doing good is hard. We are living in a world where “good” is often defined by the world, and not the Word. Listen as Pastor Alissa Rothschild outlines ways that we, as a church, can do good.