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Archived Sermons


Psalm 13: How Long?

When bad things happen, to we take a faith band-aid and put it on every sickness? Is faith your idol?


Psalm 25: Teach Me

If we are guided in God’s truth, the answers will be made clear. Pastor Rothschild preaches on our willingness to be led.


Difficult People: Forgiveness

Pastor Alissa Rothschild closes out the “Difficult People” series with a passionate discussion on forgiveness. Often forgiveness isn’t for the abuser – it’s for us.


Difficult People: Patience

Just because we don’t see the outcome we want, that doesn’t mean that change isn’t happening. Patience is active, not passive. In week 4 of the Difficult People series, Pastor Alissa Rothschild examines patience.  


Difficult People: Envy

Pastor Alissa Rothschild visits the topic of Envy in her 6-week sermon series on dealing with difficult people. From your neighbor’s new car, to Joseph and his brothers, envy is a demon that we all battle.


Difficult People: Tongue

Pastor Alissa Rothschild continues her 6-week sermon series on dealing with difficult people. Raging wildfires start with a simple spark, huge ships can be steered using a little rudder – your tongue has the power to ignite fires of dissent and pain, but can also be used to encourage and build up.