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Archived Sermons


ACTS: Not Just About Me – Bogart UMC 8/11/19

We’ve made the Bible a self-help book. In Acts 1, Jesus is leaving the disciples like parents leaving their child in college. It’s up to the kid to decide how to live – their upbringing helps to determine their future. What do we do with the work that Jesus began with the world?


Insomnia: Freedom from Thoughts that Distract, Harm, and Destroy

Guest Pastor Wendy Jones preaches on our thoughts and how they influence the world.


Insomnia: Facing Conflict Head-On

Pastor Wendy Jones discusses facing conflict.


Insomnia: Overcoming our Worries and Fears

Mark Twain said,  “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” Sometimes we think the worry of what could be is far worse than the reality of what is… 


Church Family – All In

Guest Pastor Martina Bober preaches on what it means to be a member of the church family.


The Parables of Jesus – The Good Shepherd and His Sheep

Like the blind man, do you know the voice of your shepherd? The Pharisees didn’t. We have allowed the system of religion to pull us away from God. Is tradition keeping you from hearing Jesus’ voice?