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Archived Sermons


Three Simple Rules: Do Good

Doing good is hard. We are living in a world where “good” is often defined by the world, and not the Word. Listen as Pastor Alissa Rothschild outlines ways that we, as a church, can do good.


Three Simple Rules: Do No Harm

When we hurt, we hurt. We live in a broken world and we all want to make it right and put evil on one side and good on the other. But the ways that we do that might not be correct…


Three Simple Rules: Stay in Love with God

Do you chose to put yourself into bad situations? You have a choice to make. Staying in love with God is a choice. Jesus tells us the way to live best is to abide in him…


Three Simple Rules

Have you ever really sat down and considered what makes you happy? Is it worldly things? Do the things that you pursue in life line up with the things that truly make you happy?


God’s Provision and Call

God called Abram to do something that scared the pants off of him. Abram obeyed God and was rewarded with wonders. What is God calling you to do? It may be scary, or seem crazy, but it just might be worth it.


God’s Provision

Sorry about the quality of this one folks, we’re trying out new streaming and recording techniques, and this one didn’t work too well.