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Archived Sermons


ACTS: Saul

You are forgiven with a calling and a purpose. It’s time to go and do the work that your were forgiven and chosen to do.


ACTS: Philip

God’s best is better than you can ever imagine. Listen as a chance encounter potentially changes an entire nation.


ACTS: Stephen

Told from the perspective of Saul watching the stoning of Stephen, learn about the motivations that may have brought the religious elite to kill this early Christian, and connect the dots on how that motivation may still exist in us…


ACTS: We All Have A Role

God has given you a gift that you are supposed to use. When we have disagreements in church, we can’t leave or there won’t be a church family. We need to use our gifts to keep the church family together and bring people to God.


ACTS: Obedience Requires Faith

Trusting God is really easy when times are good. It’s tough when times are bad. It may be even more difficult to obey God if you are lacking faith…


ACTS: Living in Community

When you live in a community, even one where you all have the same values and morals, interacting with people can be, um… “interesting.”