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Recorded on February 24th, 2019

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Get out there and just go! Serve, help, assist – do God’s work.

Transcript of Sermon:

[Music] we are going to be reading today from Matthew 28:16 through 20 this is the Word of God then the eleven disciples went to Galilee to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go when they saw him they worshiped him but some doubted then Jesus came to them and said all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me therefore go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you and surely I am with you always to the very end of the age this is the word of God for the people of God thanks be to God indeed we are in Riley actually the very end of a series called following Jesus we have been seeking Jesus’s call on the body of our church body on us what is it that Jesus has planned for us in this next season of ministry and a season like I’ve said before is not necessarily defined just where is it that God wants us to be doing work and how can we be doing what God wants us to do next week is our last week in the series and I highly encourage you to be here it’s going to be a special day where we get to do some but make some special commitments to God not monetary I promise but to to really respond to the messages that he’s been giving us over the past I don’t know about six weeks we’ve been digging into this idea of what it means to follow Jesus as he did ministry and what that looks like for our ministry here so next week be here don’t miss out but today we’re going to be talking about the idea of going we have looked at how Jesus likes to or actually most often used other people as the instruments of the miracles that he created on this earth or in the change that he created in the lives of others and he used what he had on hand always whether it was the barrels that he changed the water into wine or whether it was the loaves and the fishes that he turned into an entire meal for a five thousand and then again for four thousand people Jesus has equipped us to do whatever it is that Jesus wants us to do us our church body and so today as we talk about going we go understanding that wherever it is that God’s calling us we’re equipped to go there but first I want to talk a little bit about the idea of going when we talk about going in our regular everyday life it can be something as simple as I’m going to the grocery store which isn’t all that exciting unless you get to go by yourself without any children and then it’s really exciting because it’s a whole lot more fun I love you children but you don’t have begging and then when they were little the crying that would happen in a grocery store and I still to this day will see women with little children in a grocery store and my heart goes out to them because I was you at one point in time I understand but going can be a lot more exciting than that our Keaton our middle child is has the opportunity to have a big go experience his grandfather travels some for his work and he goes to Germany pretty frequently because he does research with some scientists in Germany and Keith has been learning about World War two in social studies and his grandmother mentioned that grandpa was going to Germany and Keeton said well I want to go and Grandma kind of went well why not and Joe and I went well why not so when we talk about going in that sense Keeton gets to have this incredible adventure where he gets to have one-on-one time with the grandparent which honestly you know his grandparents some of you that doesn’t happen that often you usually get them all at once and it’s kind of overwhelming I know because I’m the mom that watches that happen but to have a one-on-one experience with the grandparent and then get to get to do it in a foreign country that’s pretty exciting so going can be something that’s mundane and every day or going can be something that huge and life-changing and the going that we’re going to talk about today is both you know last week we talked about how Jesus washed the disciples feet and in serving in that way he was serving in a very mundane normal average way so sometimes the work we do for Jesus is just normal just kind of averaged it our minds and then sometimes we’re called to serve and to go in ways that are much more extravagant and so we’re we’re camping out in Scripture today is the very last chapter of the book of Matthew and the scripture that I read to you is literally the last words from Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew these were the last words that Jesus shared with his disciples and I think that we know as humans that the last if you know what you’re this is gonna be your last opportunity to share something with somebody you are careful about what you share you are careful about what you say you take that time and you use it wisely you’re very specific and intentional with what you teach and I believe that’s also very true with what Jesus is doing here in Matthew 28 the beginning of chapter 28 begins with the Mary’s showing up at the tomb expecting to care for the passed away Jesus but what they find is an empty tomb and then they see Jesus himself risen and Jesus tells them to go and tell the disciples to meet him in Galilee on the mountain and so the disciples having heard from Mary we don’t see that happen but they end up in Galilee so we’re assuming that the message got across and the disciples go they go to the mountain in Galilee and they wait but they don’t have to wait because when they show up Jesus is already there and then this is what we’re told we’re say once they get to the mountain when they saw him two things happened they worshiped and they doubted which is so crazy to me because Jesus is right there how many times in our life do we wish that we could have the physical representation of God in some way shape or form whether it’s a voice or an actual body before us the disciples had that and the first thing they did was worshiped and worship at this time wasn’t singing like we would expect or like we do when we call when we first think of worship I think most of us think of singing but the worship that they did was more that they bowed down on their knees and that they they were prostrate before Jesus understanding the holiness that was in front of them but at the same time their humanity was fighting to take over because they also doubted the human part of them was thinking this man is dead I know he’s dead I saw this happen I know his body is in that tomb but what their eyes were showing them was something so different and Jesus says to them the very first thing he says is all authority in heaven and earth has been given to me and I thought when I first read this we’ll wait a minute Jesus has it always been the Son of God Jesus existed before time existed Jesus existed as part of creation so how is it that all authority in heaven has been given all of a sudden to Jesus what is this new giving that has been given to Jesus what is this new Authority and as I was studying this what became apparent to me was that the authority that Jesus now has that he didn’t have before is the authority to effect salvation for every human on the face of the planet and that authority was given to him by the price that he paid on the cross and dying for you and I and it wasn’t until that happened that salvation could truly be possible for every one of us he was far from God and so what he’s saying to them is that a NU’EST or dia has been given to me and we have work to do and the very next word and you have to pay attention to any word that’s like this any therefore thus so is probably some of the most important words that you will find in Scripture so don’t ever just run past one of those whenever you see one of those thus therefore a so a but you have to stop and you gotta think okay something’s supposed to be I’m supposed to pay attention here and he says therefore so because this Authority has been given to me because of the authority to effect salvation for every single human on the planet of Earth for every child of God for every creation of God I have been given the authority to give them a saved life to give them eternity in heaven so therefore go there for go and make disciples of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and then of the Holy Spirit teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you so what we have to realize here is we need to put ourselves in the space of the disciples because that’s what you and I are we are modern-day disciples you and I as believers in Christ and if you haven’t taken that step to believing in Christ then one of us should be partnering with you and helping you walk too in that process but as believers in Christ you and I are disciples we should be growing in faith and we should be going and sharing what it is that we have with others so let’s put ourselves in the feet of these disciples and what God is telling the disciples what God is telling us what Jesus is telling us is that we have basically two main things we need to focus on in our lives the first one is that we are missionaries you and I are meant to go the number one part of our creation the number one purpose for our lives is for you and I to go and to may disciples for you and I to go and to share God’s love for you and I to go and be the light of God in this world our number one job is not parenting and our number one job is not the job that we have that makes us money our number one job is to be the light and as we’ve talked about over these leaks that spans a big gap of things it doesn’t have to be huge amounts of work it can be simply the way in which we live our day-to-day lives where we are intentional both attentional that’s a new word I just made it up enjoy where we are intentional about the way we encounter others and about the way that we talk with others and about the way that we care for others and about the way that we show grace to others when sometimes grace doesn’t seem deserved you and I were created to be missionaries and because of the work that Jesus did for us and because of what we received in response to that we are called to go the second thing that we are called to is a pastoral call did you know that I’m not the only pastor in this church no we don’t have any other pastors on staff but every one of you is a pastor is a priest is holy and righteous through Christ and you along with me are charged with the task of not only helping people find Christ of opening up paths to Christ but then also walking alongside people as they get to know Christ as they grow in their faith I think far too often people put the goal at being salvation and then let everybody let people just go at their own whim after that but if all we did was offer salvation to people the world would not change because as you and I know as much as we wish that salvation was the cure-all pill for every issue that we had in our lives it’s just not it makes life so much better and so much easier but there’s still life and they’re still brokenness and if we’re not growing in faith in that process then we get to experience the fullness that God has available for us so you and I as disciples are called to also be missionaries and to be pastors now imagine what the disciples must have felt hearing this and I don’t think you’re gonna have to try too hard because I think some of you are probably feeling the same thing right now but these disciples were people who were so imperfect I know we like to think of them as better than you and I as people who obviously were chosen by Jesus so there must be something better about them but they were fishermen they were the average man they were tax collectors they were people just like you and I they were broken people just like you and I they were people who had disappointed Jesus in the process just like you and I Peter had denied Jesus three times just days before God and Jesus calls to him and says go so the work that they’re being called to you seems overwhelming and I know the work that we’re being called to you can seem overwhelming but the reality is that the work really isn’t ours we’re just the vessel we don’t create the miracles we’re the transportation for the miracles all we have to be is willing all we have to do is step outside our door all we have to do is to pray and to be present and to pay attention to the world around us and to specifically ask God where he wants us to shine his light and God will show us the rest because what we need to understand here is that the authority has been given to Jesus not you and I we’re going with Jesus Jesus is going with us and he says surely I am with you always to the very end of the age you see Jesus doesn’t send them alone gee this goes with them and his presence is a promise of protection it’s a promise of peace his presence is a promise of power but more than anything is the promise that this work will happen because he’s going to be the one creating the miracles not you and me and I think what got the disciples a little confused and what gets us a little confused is that we think we have to do it all on our own or we make what Jesus is asking us to do bigger than what it actually is we think we have to go and save every child in an orphanage or we have to go and fix every person who doesn’t have a home and get them into a home and yes that should be work that some of us should participate in but it doesn’t have to be that big we need to start somewhere and what I have contended these past few weeks and I think some of you are getting the message because I’m hearing your stories back but what I contend is that we start the minute that we walk out of our door in the morning actually five minutes before five minutes before we take a moment of pause and we pray to God and we say God please show me where I need to shine the light today please make it clear where I need to do something please show me the person that needs to be seen today and then as we go about our day whether it’s just seeing a neighbor or maybe we don’t even leave our homes but we talked to somebody on the phone how ever it is that we’re interacting with the world we need to be aware and we need to be open to hearing and seeing where God wants us to shine the light and then we need to go and we need to do and as this church body takes our love for Christ the light that he has given us out into the community as we do that God will make the miracles happen that’s not on us we are not tasked with saving people’s lives we’re task was sharing the light and letting God do the rest so for some people you’re just going to be one of many along their journey that finally brings them to the savior for others you’re going to be the one that gets to walk across the finish line with them for others you’re going to be somebody that comes up to a believer who needs some extra love that day but you and I have the power and the capability to go in every situation and in every experience of our lives and next week we are going to focus on exactly what that looks like for us we’re going to talk about a mission statement for our church we’re going to talk about a way of measuring how it is that God is using us to shine the light in the community and we’re going to start the process of celebrating each week the work that God is doing through us in the community and I can’t wait to see what God does through you I can’t wait to see the lives that he touches through each one of us I can’t wait to see the way our community overtime changes simply because this small group of people was willing to go every day simply asking God how and where every one of us has a story about how we came to Christ mine is filled with people that I didn’t know with college friends who showed me the way to Christ for the first time for people at the first church that we started going to teaching baptizing us and then teaching us what it was like to tithe for the first time what freedom that gave our family teaching Wes what it was like to live an actual walk with God not just saying we believed with God but I wouldn’t be Who I am today without each and every one of those people who said yes to God and shared God’s light with me and I believe that’s true of you even if you grew up in faith there was some point when your faith had to become your own and then there were times in your life and life got really hard and people came up and walked with you and helped you grow in faith instead of step away from God imagine if those people had not been a part of your life did they do that to God use them so that you could sit back and be happy about where you are in spiritual growth or did he do that so that you two could go and shine the light so join me next week as we end this series as we decide together how it is we want to celebrate God’s work how it is we want to what kind of goals we want to make together and then each week after that we will celebrate the gut work that God is doing through us and we will wait to see what God does and I am so stinking excited about that because I’m already hearing stories about how you guys are intentionally reaching out to people as you are encountering your everyday life let’s pray together god I thank you for encouraging us for challenging us to follow Jesus I thank you for sending your son to be a role model for us in this life god we have a very clear idea of how we should live by the way that Jesus lived and over these past weeks we have dug deeply into the people that Jesus served the type of people that Jesus served and the ways in which Jesus served and God we ask you to embolden us to be able to serve in that same way to be willing vessels of your light so that people in this world would know that you are God that you are good and that God is love it’s in the name of Jesus that we boldly ask you to be with us and expect your presence