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Recorded on July 22nd, 2018

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Worship doesn’t just happen is church. In fact, worship outside of church leads to amazing things

Transcript of Sermon:

[Music] as we were together last week we talked about being light bearers we talked about what it meant to shine the light of God to those around us as we read the scripture today and then move into the sermon keep that in mind as God speaks to your heart I will be reading Psalm 100 and then Romans 12:1 both of those are in your bulletin Psalm 100 she’ll joyfully to the Lord all of the earth serve the Lord with gladness come before him with joyful singing know that the Lord Himself is God it is he who has made us and not we ourselves we are his people and the Sheep of his pasture enter his gates with Thanksgiving and his courts with praise give thanks to him bless His name for the Lord is good his loving kindness is everlasting and his faithfulness to all generations and then Romans 12:1 therefore I urge you brothers and sisters and view of God’s mercy to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to god this is your true and proper worship the Word of God for the people of God thanks be to God indeed god I ask for your Holy Spirit to come upon me in this place now Lord I know that you are here there’s just a unsettledness in my soul god I just ask for you to come and rest with us open our hearts and our minds that we may hear the word that you have written specifically for each of us today for God I know that as you were speaking his words into my heart you had people in mind to hear these words words of comfort words of challenge words of hope Lord we eagerly anticipate to meet you in this moment and we thank you that we get to be your children and get to be a part of community together here it’s in your name we pray amen I was preparing for this week and I was thinking about being light bearers and I was thinking about last week how we talked about how much of a difference light bearers can make in our lives I shared last week that there were seven girls at my college this college that I didn’t want to go to that I ended up at that happened to be a Christian college which I didn’t know about because I wasn’t Christian so I didn’t know those things but how those seven girls in the way that they lived their lives shine to me something that was different and I wanted that difference for myself and because of the light of those girls I came to know Jesus as my savior and we talked last week about how in life as Christians we often have seasons where we shine brighter than other seasons in our lives and how we have to work at shining brightly because that’s the way people get to know who God is and we talked about how I used cell like solar panels as an example but we talked about how solar power set panels the closer they are to the Sun they more they can draw the power of God the power of the Sun so the closer we are to God the more time we spend the god more intentionally we are with God day to day they’re more able we are to radiate his love and kindness to others but then I can start to think well how do we do that daily what does that look like what is cleaning those solar power panels look like what is being with God look like and it all comes down to worship for me worship and so today we’re going to talk about how worship everyday worship not Sunday worship not singing together worship about how everyday worship can be a way of preparing yourself to shine the light of God to others that they may know who he is and that they can experience the love and the peace and the grace and the mercy that you have gotten to experience in Christ so if you’re hip which sometimes I am most of the time I’m not hip is a word for being cool or something like that but if you’re hip you know that Wednesday is hump day in the work week right Wednesday is this day where you know if you picture it like a mountain you’re coming up towards Wednesday Monday and Tuesday are these really awful treacherous days where you have to wake up but you have to get up early you have to go to work maybe or you have doctor’s appointments whatever it is there’s just a lot to be done on Monday and Tuesday but you get to Wednesday and you start inching up that mountain you start inching up and inching up but by the time you reach the apex of that mountain and you get to five o’clock on Wednesday you’re on the back side of the week and you’re almost to Friday right and Friday is like the Promised Land Friday at five o’clock is this time that we all just keep looking forward to if I could just make it through the week right one of our favorite commercials my family happened a few years ago you may have seen it it was about hump day it was a Geico commercial and in this commercial there is a camel that walks around in office because he has humps right and used to start saying hope day right and in our family that was a really fun thing to do but it’s hard to make it through the week and in fact the way that we saw that video for the first time is one of the ways that our society has found to help us make it through the week maybe you’ve heard of this thing it’s called the internet and it’s the it’s the waste a lot of time Annette it’s that I should be doing anything but this net right but when we’re trying to make it through the week sometimes some of us go to the internet or to the TV and we look through Facebook or we look through other news sources or something just to occupy our time or to get us through the next week and my husband was internetting himself through the week one we can found that commercial and showed it to us and it was a great time but we find these techniques these ways of making it through the week because we just want to get to that promised land we want to get to the promised land I think the same thing happens in church I think that there are times when we come to Sunday and we get here to church and we get to see all of these wonderful people that we love and get to do community with and then we sing hymns of praise to God and our soul starts to lighten because I don’t know about you but when I’m in this place with you all my soul becomes lighter I get to feel the love of God in a different way in this place and then the sermon happens and if you’re lucky it’s a good week sometimes it’s not a good week and I’m okay with that but if you’re lucky it’s a good week and the sermon hits right here in your soul but regardless the Word of God has spoken and there’s no luck needed there because it never falls flat the love of God the word of God never fails and so you leave this place on Sunday with a lighter spirit and a lighter soul and you want to carry that throughout the week but then Monday comes and you’re driving on the road again and there’s all those really rude people if you’re lucky you make it to Monday it might be out of the parking lot on the way home from here but let’s just say you make it to Monday right Monday comes and in your little less light because the weight of the world is the reality of the world has come back into knowledge right and then Tuesday and then you’re at hump day saying if only I could make it to Sunday when I can experience that lightness where I can experience God again our goal for today is to help you understand what it means to worship God in the everyday because what I know is that we can have those soul lifting experiences every day of our life with God what I know is that as we learn to worship God in the little things in the most mundane things of life we shine brighter not only is our life better but the lives of those around des are better because of who we become I know that as we get to worship God in the hard things and the good things in the very boring things we become better followers of Christ we become more like the image of Christ we become changed when we take worship out of Sunday and add it to our everyday life worship becomes a rhythm and we become radiant light bearers so we’re gonna dig into Psalm 100 together today and also Romans 12 but in Psalm 100 I’m gonna go verse by verse because I want to first talk about what worship is because when I was a new Christian and honestly probably not such a new Christian I really when you said worship the thing that I pictured in my head was the singing part of church on Sunday that’s need to find worship and yes it is worship but what I’ve learned over the years the is that worship is so much more than that one moment of time on Sunday or if you sing in your car worship is a way of life and let’s look at some 100 and see what it has to show to us first one says shout joyfully to the Lord all the earth so yes right worship includes making joyful noises to the Lord shouts cries hoots hollers amens in the middle of the service is always a good thing that’s all worship you just shout it out it’s from this place of joy it’s from this place of happiness it’s from a place of wanting to connect with God shouting to the Lord is worship so we kind of knew that right but then it says in verse 2 serve the Lord with gladness worship happens every time you serve God but what’s the caveat to the end of that sentence with gladness you see sometimes we try to worship God out of doing just what we think we’re supposed to be doing some of us are here to because we’re supposed to be here today and God will honor that but we’re not truly worshipping Him unless we’re here out of a heart that is expectant and glad to be here with him the saddest thing about church today is I think so many people have learned to make it a routine a habit instead of letting it be this joyful glad ‘fl thing that you get to pray you get to participate in it’s not something you have to do there’s nothing in this Bible that says you have to go to church every week something you get to do it’s a privilege that God has given us it’s this community that we get to be a part of that that walks through hard parts of life with us that celebrates in life with us but it’s something we get to do with a glad and joyful heart the next verse says come before him with joyful singing and as we experience each week worship does happen as we lift songs of praise up to him I got to experience a Hebrew church service this week and I was supposed to go in person but I got sick so I got to watch it online which I was actually really glad about at the end because it was almost all in Hebrew and I would have been a little bit uncomfortable because though I’m learning Hebrew I know I can’t do that yet but every prayer they say is sung and it was the neatest thing I had experienced is the thing that stood out the most to me is that their prayers were sung to God it was a different rhythm and it felt honoring and it felt really intimate and special in verse 3 we’re told that in worship we need to know that the Lord Himself is God you see worship is rooted in our understanding that God is God he’s the Creator he is your father he is your eternal partner in life and we need to understand when we worship who is and be able to humble ourselves before the true righteousness that is God but also we need to understand that God alone is God we were talking today in our Sunday School class about how a lot of times you can tell what people respect or what they worship or how they live by or what they value in their lives by how they live so does your life truly reflect an honest worship of God does the patterns of your daily life does the way that you treat other people reflect the fact that you believe that God is who he says he is or does it reflect a different Idol in your life and I know if I’m honest there are times in my life when my life reflects a different Idol it reflects something more cultural because I’m spending more time my heart is more sunk in that thing than it is in God the next verse says it is he who has made us and not we ourselves oh this is the pitfall of man right this idea that worship is rooted in our understanding that God created everything not us it wasn’t you that created that that got the promotion it wasn’t you that earned that money sure you participated in it but we need to come to God and worship realizing that he has participated in this with us he has been with us every step along the way but it’s hard sometimes in our human bodies to remember that and then this one this one kind of guts me it says we are his people and the Sheep of his pasture do you live your life like a sheep of God’s pasture do you allow yourself to be loved on by God do you allow yourself to be cared for by your eternal Creator who loves you so much or do you look to this world for care comfort and healing do you look to this world for happiness and joy do you look to people in your life for happiness and joy or are you a sheep in your father’s pasture because a shepherd doesn’t leave one sheep behind a shepherd cares so much for his sheep so do you let yourself be a sheep or do you try to be the bull in the china shop making everything happen for yourself and making a mess in the process because that’s what happens in my life I want to take control and I become the bull and I get in that shop and I make a big old mess and then I look to God and say I’m so sorry can I be a sheep again but if we stay a sheep and then the verse ends it says worship umm enter his gates with Thanksgiving and his courts with praise give thanks to him bless His name for the Lord is good his loving kindness is everlasting and his faithfulness to all generations so in worship we draw near to God we thank him in good times and in bad see worship is so much more than just singing but how do we translate that to today’s life so what does that look like for you well for me I had to learn that worship is Herrington it’s when my daughter gets up to walk to the back of the room just ignoring it like I didn’t see that happen it’s when my son goes to oh I told this story I’m so sorry Brennan but I’m telling it again I told the story in Sunday school today it’s when you give a shirt to your child and tell him to put it back in their drawer and they bawl it up in a little ball and throw it in there it’s taking a breath and not exploding and saying could you please fold that properly and put it in and then when he says but come on that’s not such a big deal I’m sorry I’m still writing you I’m so glad you’re smiling but it’s happening the patience to say this is important because one day you’re gonna go to college and it’s a really good thing if you know how to fold your clothes and keep them neat in your drawer because I’m not gonna be there to do it for you right so there’s this time that we are going to have without mamas and we’re gonna need to be able to participate and parenting man I tell the easiest thing about parenting is to let them do whatever they want to do whenever they want to do it that would be the easiest way to parent the hardest part about parenting is sticking to your guns when you gotta stick to your guns and making a big deal out of a silly little shirt because it does make a difference in the end but how I do that can either be worship as a response to God or it can be very human you see if I look at my parenting as a way of worshipping God then when I’m parenting what I’m doing is responding to God responding to the responsibility he’s given me responding to the opportunity I have to be a representation of him in that moment and also responding to the fact that I’m a sheep and allowing meet him to Shepherd me through that moment some of us here have issues with forgiveness or really really irritating people in our lives it’s just the truth of life we are created differently on purpose and because we’re created differently there are some personalities that just don’t get along and that’s okay but it can be really hard to deal with in a day to day life it’s one of those things that we just gotta take and I can either relate to people that are hard to relate to out of my humanity or I can relate to people that are hard to relate to you in an act of worship when I relate to people who are hard to relate to in worship to God I stopped thinking about myself and I start realizing that that person across from me is also a child of God loved by God created by God now I’m not perfect you’re not gonna be perfect but we will do a better job relating because we’ll have the power of God in us and when I’m trying to forgive somebody that I just don’t want to forgive cuz sometimes it’s so bad we don’t want to forgive we don’t want to move on but when I look at forgiveness as an act of worship to God then I’m a sheep in his pasture and he gives me the power to forgive and he shows me how to forgive and he guides me every step of the way even when that person rejects my forgiveness even though I shouldn’t have given it in the first place right those are our human feelings then take something as simple as standing in line I am a rule follower and if you stand in line with me you better follow the line rules that are generally accepted by the general population in the earth which means that you don’t cut in line which means that you don’t make the line wide because I get very nervous when we were picking up the kids yesterday we were in a very long line and I was very aware of everyone around me and I was making sure that they were not taking my place that is not worshiping God in my line stuff I’m just sewing you and I was stressed and I was being a human in that moment because I was just worried about how I was gonna get my way and make sure that nobody else got in my way it could have been a moment of worship where I was aware of the people around me whereas aware of maybe an opportunity to say hi to somebody or to strike up a conversation with these lots of people that are in line with me everything we do can be a moment of worship to God cleaning your room picking up your shoes eating breakfast that your doctor tells you is the breakfast you should probably eat instead of the other one can be worship to God and as we participate in this we change as Paul was saying in Sunday school today as we participate with God we become more like him and he was telling me how over his life he’s gone from being you know if you’d pulled a cup of water from a river and how dirty and brown it was and he didn’t use these exact words but what he was basically saying was his over time as he’s worshiped God as he stood before God as he’s worked on becoming different God has poured himself in to Paul and if you picture a picture of clear water pouring into that dirty glass of water over time the dirty stuff comes out and what you have left is a clearer version of what was there before so over time as we worship God in the mundane heart in the mundane things and they’re really really tough things and then in the joyful things we become purified we change and then all of a sudden it’s not as hard because if you’ve been a Christian for a long time and they’ve done this you’ll see that over time it becomes easier to worship God in all things not just some things it becomes easier to be a radiant light than to not be a radiant light so then we get to Romans 12:1 and it says I urge you brothers and sisters in view of God’s mercy to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to God this is the important this is your true and proper worship our proper worship everyday worship is this it’s giving our entire selves our thoughts our emotions to God’s use all of life is an act of submission an act of worship our service to God is not centered today on a time or a temple but it’s done whenever and wherever we are because we are the temple of God the emphasis is taken away from ceremony and seasons and places and rituals and shifted to what is happening in the inner person worship should invade our entire lives the test of worship is not only what happens at church but what happens at home on the job and wherever you go that’s from Michael Morrison I read that years ago and I put it in this little book of quotes that I keep and it’s when I try and sit in because worship it’s not what happens on Sunday but it happens in everything that you do as you walk out this door until you come back again will you pray with me God I thank you so much for today I thank you for the opportunity to worship You God I ask that you would purify and cleanse us God that every time we intentionally choose to worship you in a moment that is hard to worship you in or to worship you in a moment that seems silly to worship you in God would you purify us more so that by the end of our journey our glass is clear and we radiate your love to those around us it’s in the name of Jesus Christ that we pray amen