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Caution – Danger Ahead

Recorded on July 29th, 2018

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Pastor Alissa Rothschild preaches on David, temptations, and the engines inside us that drive us towards bad decisions.

Transcript of Sermon:

[Music] today we get to talk about one of my most favorite children’s movies ever I mentioned it to my kids this morning and they rolled their eyes at me and I don’t know how they don’t love it as much as I do but you all probably know it also because there was a version in the 70s that I grew up on there was a version in the early 2000s and it’s also based on a book it’s called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Willy Wonka on the Chocolate Factory right it’s pretty common to most of us out here in this movie is based on five kids who get the opportunity to go and visit Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory this place where nobody has really been able to visit before then they get to see how all of the candy and the chocolates are made and it’s really just this huge event that the whole world watches because you had to win tickets in order to go well these kids there’s five of them they’re a whole cross-section of what I see happening of people here in in just our world today you have Charlie who is our protagonist he’s the kid that we root for right he’s the one that’s sweet and generous and kind he grow up extraordinarily poor he didn’t have much but what he had it was enough for him right and so he’s this kid that we’re just so excited he gets to do this and then you have the other four characters you have Mike teevee he’s a boy who loves the TV he can barely take his eyes off the TV to talk to somebody not only does he like TV but he particularly likes the violent TV shows anything with guns and action and he’s a little bit obnoxious just a little bit and then you have Agusta sloop which is my most favorite name to say because that’s just fun and Agusta s– augustus whatever you want to call him he liked to eat any time you saw him as he was eating or he had food all over his face from having just eaten and his main food groups were chocolate and meat but he found great status I know it’s a great combination if you haven’t tried it but chocolate and meat chocolate and meat and then you have Violet Beauregarde who is a competitive aggressive gum chewer remember her so obnoxious but she’s super prideful and she was happy to be achiever and she just wanted to compete and be the best at everything and then lastly we have our sweet Miss Veruca Salt now if you remember anything from the movie you might remember what I remember is her in that aid room standing in front of everybody saying but I want it now this girl was a spoiled little girl it was given everything she wanted from the time she was born and she continued to want and she continued to ask and everything she wanted not only did she want it but she wanted it now I think that these people these kids although they’re extreme versions of each really represents us as a society you see these kids have this engine inside of them this desire engine that drove them in their actions you have Mike who wanted to escape life right Mike teavee was watching TV instead of living life in reality and there’s a lot of us in life who do that to you we look to social media we look to our computers we look to computer games to video games we look to the TV anything to kind of let us get a rest in the day to escape the life as it is there are those of us that have that same engine that Mike teavee has and then there’s Agusta sloop and some of us have that engine of desire it’s pointed towards satisfaction of the flesh whether that’s food alcohol sometimes drugs in this society a lot of times it’s sex and pornography also but those desires of the flesh that drive us and we seek them because they give us a moment of release in our day we feel some sort of satisfaction when we pursue these things then there’s some of us who are Violet Beauregarde extraordinarily competitive and the engine that drives us drives them is achievement it’s competing it’s being the best it’s getting things it’s having power it’s being the most important in the group of people around us and that’s the engine that drives you the desire engine and then some are like Veruca Salt and that desire engine inside of her was the desire for material things she had some she had a lot but she still wanted more and it just drove her and drove her and drove her and not only did she want more but she wanted it immediately now in our society today our desire engines are alive and well there’s a part of every one of us that is seeking something that wants satisfaction from something in our everyday lives that is seeking some sort of release some sort of moment from something that this world offers and the way that this desire engine works is that it doesn’t stop once you give it one thing say yours is food like Augustus and say you like cake and so when you’re needing a moment away or you feel like you deserve something because you’ve worked really hard today so you deserve it you have a piece of cake well once you have one piece of cake rarely if ever does your desire engine go well that was good thank you very much I’m done for today no it keeps asking for more right in the moment it fixes it but only for a moment the desire engine asked to be fed 24 hours a day seven days a week and nothing is enough to satisfy that engine there are times when we are better about monitoring this engine and there are times when the engine just drives us today we are going to talk about this desire engine and we’re going to talk about it in connection with our scripture in second samuel chapter 11 verses 1 through 15 if you’ll turn there with me if you’d like it says in the spring at the time when Kings go off to war David sent Joab out with the King’s Men and the whole Israelite army they destroyed the ammonites and besieged Rabbah but David remained in Jerusalem one evening David got up from his bed and walked around on the roof of the palace from the roof he saw a woman bathing the woman was very beautiful and David sent someone to find out about her the man said she is Bathsheba the daughter of a lion and the wife of Uriah the Hittite then David sent messages messengers to get her and she came to him and he slept with her now she was purifying herself from her monthly uncleanliness then she went back home the woman conceived and sent word to David saying I am pregnant so David sent his word to Joab send me Uriah the Hittite and Joab sent him David when Uriah came to him David asked him how Joab was how the soldiers were were and how the war was going then David said to Uriah go down to your house and wash your feet so Uriah left the palace and a gift from the king was sent after him but Uriah slept at the interests to the palace with all of his master’s servants and did not go down to his house David was told Uriah did not go home so he asked Uriah haven’t you just come from the military campaign why didn’t you go home Uriah said to David the Ark and Israel and Judah are staying in tents and might come in my commander Joab and my Lord’s men are camped in the open country how could I go to my house and eat and drink and make love to my wife as surely as you live I will not do such a thing then David said to him stay here one more day and tomorrow I will on you back so Uriah remained in Jerusalem that next day at David’s invitation he ate and drank with him and David made him drink but in the evening Uriah went out to sleep on his mat among Israel among his master servants and he did not go home in the morning David wrote a letter to Joab and sent it with Uriah in it he wrote put Uriah out in the where the fighting is the fiercest then withdraw from him so he will be struck down and die the Word of God for the people to God God we come before you today repentant for the ways in which we have behaved like David we ask you God as we hear you word and speak and hear your teaching today that we would open our hearts to you and do something about that which you teach us today god we are so lucky to have you on our side may our actions in life show the power that you’re willing to give us in our lives it’s in the name of Jesus we pray amen so David David David has a desire engine to in fact since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden we all have this desire engine and it’s known as our sinful nature this part of us that is outside of the will of God this part of us that only exists because sin happened for the first time but since it happened we have this piece of us inside that drives us to want things that are not the best for us and this is where we find David today I’m going to go through this scripture I’m going to break it out into five different parts that I think David experienced in this moment and there are parts that I think we all experience when we are tempted by our desire engine inside and I hope by seeing David’s journey we can look at what we can do differently in our lives so we don’t let this engine drive us instead we let God Drive us now in the first section and 11:1 it says in the spring at the time when Kings went off to war David sent Joab out with the Kings men in the whole Israelite army they destroyed the ammonites besieged Rabbah and David remained in Jerusalem now when you first read this you may think that this is just setting up the story or it’s some background information but it’s actually very telling because what we see here is that David who is the king would typically have been at war with the people with his army instead he had chosen to stay home in Jerusalem so David wasn’t where he should have been what happens to us when we aren’t where we’re supposed to be and when we know that we become vulnerable so David is vulnerable he’s in a vulnerable state of mind he’s in a vulnerable place when he walks out onto that rooftop so the first thing is sometimes were vulnerable more vulnerable than other times in our lives and then there’s the encounter and that happens in 2nd Samuel 11 to 1 evening David David got up from his bed and walked around on the roof of the palace and from the roof he saw a woman bathing we all encounter temptations multiple times a day for some of us what do we do when we encounter that temptation what do we do we’ll talk about that in a few minutes and then there’s the pursuit so first he’s vulnerable then he encounters the temptation and then we see an 11 2 through 4 that he actually pursues the temptation it says the woman was very beautiful she’s pretty and David sent someone to find out about her so he pursued it by sending someone to find out about her when the man came back and told him that though well her name is Bathsheba but you know she’s married well that didn’t stop him he knew she was married he had an option to turn back around and to stop but he continued the pursuit because he told the man to go and to get Bathsheba so he’s vulnerable he encounters a temptation he pursues the temptation and then he embraces the temptation as we’re told that she came to him and he slept with her he embraced it he decided it was a choice to go ahead and pay attention to that engine and feed it just one more time and then the last piece is the fallout is the consequences David after this she says I’m pregnant and so what does he do he has her husband brought in from the battlefield and tries to entice him to have sex with his wife so that they can pass off the baby as as the husband’s and not David’s well the husband’s not gonna have any of it because his desire engine is not tempted right now he’s not vulnerable he knows that the right thing for him to do at this time is to abstain from that because there’s people fighting right now his his cohorts his friends are at war and he felt it totally wrong to enjoy the pleasures of a typical life while everyone was at war so David’s plan didn’t work out so then David continues on in his sin and has your has Uriah murdered on the battlefield he was vulnerable he encountered sin he pursued the sin he embraced the sin and then he and hundreds of others were affected by the fallout of his choices and that’s the same pattern that I see us walk through when we are tempted by our desire engine because there are times when we are vulnerable if I am in a regular rhythm if I am doing things on a regular basis if I get up if I do my devotional and then I wake the kids up at getting ready for school and if everything goes in my normal regular rhythm I am so much less vulnerable then when when I step outside of that rhythm and mess things up but when I’m going the way I should be going I do a pretty good job of saying no to my desire engine but when I don’t I become so much more vulnerable by the things around me when life gets really busy and I’m overwhelmed man I deserve a lot of stuff if you ask me I deserve this and I deserve that and I deserve to watch this much TV and I deserve to eat this much food because it all makes me feel better and I’ve been really busy and I’ve been doing so much stuff so I just need that thing right sometimes we’re vulnerable and we need to know how to keep ourselves from being vulnerable what is it for you that keeps you less vulnerable what rhythms what practices do you need to keep up in your life in order for you to be less vulnerable when that engine is crying out to you David was not aware of his desire but if we look back David’s issue with romantic sin was a big one because not only did he have a wife he had concubines and many many many wives were God’s best plan though it was OK in culture God doesn’t care what what’s okay in culture God cares what’s best for you and what God thought was best for David was to have a wife but he had many and what I’ve come to understand is that if one wife isn’t enough for you a thousand wives isn’t gonna be enough for you if one car isn’t enough for you a thousand cars isn’t gonna be enough for you if a 7,000 square-foot house isn’t enough for you a 10,000 square-foot house isn’t going to be enough for you because there’s always or to be had so what are those strongholds in your life if you’re able to identify them and be aware of them you are less vulnerable so that’s the first thing we have to do is identify those things that have a hold of us what’s that thing that drives me when I shouldn’t be driving me and what are those practices that I can put into place that make me less vulnerable to the call of that desire one of the things that we can do is read Galatians 5:16 and 17 where it tells us so I say let the Holy Spirit guide your lives then you won’t be doing what your sinful nature craves the sinful nature wants to do evil which is just the opposite of what the spirit wants and the Spirit gives us desires that are opposite of what the sinful sinful nature desires these two forces are constantly fighting each other so you’re not free to carry out your good intentions the answer in Scripture is letting the Holy Spirit guide your life so you become less vulnerable as you’re more connected to God as you understand what he wants from you and you follow the lead of the Holy Spirit but we’re going to encounter temptation we’re going to encounter it you will encounter it today after you leave this place I promise you it will happen in one way shape or form your engine is always back there it never goes away that is one thing about heaven I’m looking forward to is that engine will stop and drop out and it will not come with me and I know that for sure but here’s the thing we shouldn’t be surprised by temptation right it’s as all this time it’s been with us since we were little children when your parents told you you couldn’t have any candy but you snuck it anyway right temptation has always been a part of our lives so why is it that we’re so surprised when it pops up why aren’t we prepared to answer temptation when it comes a-knockin David should not Bennis prize that this temptation popped up in his life and he should have been prepared to talk truth to that temptation because here’s the thing there’s nothing that you can do to satisfy that engine inside of you that sinful nature will always be hungry for more so thinking that this one last piece of cake or this or this one last pair of shoes that’s a big one for some of us girls or this one last outfit or this one last something will make you feel better you’re wrong because it’ll make you hungrier for more what happens when we indulge our temptation when we when we pursue the sin is that it just becomes harder to stop later we become hungrier for more every time we encounter temptation and we pursue it and so I look to Scripture for an answer to help me because that sinful nature is a beast and it has a loud voice 2nd Corinthians 10 4 to 6 says we are human but we do not wage war as humans do no we use God’s mighty weapons not world lead weapons to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments we destroy every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing God we capture their rebellious thoughts and teach them to obey Christ so when we encounter temptation when we encounter the desire for sin when that desire engine is revving too loud you need to take that thought before it becomes a feeling and before it becomes an action and hold it captive to the truth that is in Christ you need to say to yourself no no I don’t need that and in fact if I have that if I get that if I buy that if I look at that I will only be worse off but that takes intentionality you have to decide ahead of time in order for this to really work you have to know in your heart ahead of time that you’re going to do this every time you have one of those thoughts but what in the biggest battles that I experienced and maybe you experienced too is that sometimes I just want it I mean I know what’s wrong and I know it’s gonna make me not happy eventually but right now in the moment I want that thing and I want it now and so I decide against what I know was best for me because I want it in fact there’s a whole new commercial out have you seen it for diet coke which is one of my things I have to confess diet coke is one of those things that I know I shouldn’t have but I have to have it and I want it now type of thing I’m working on it kind of see I’m not really I say that to you but I’m lying I’m not really working on it I’m drinking it every day so they have a whole commercial campaign out because the truth is Diet Coke is not good for you well I shouldn’t say that diet coke I’m so sorry please don’t sue me but I think that there’s some studies that have shown that it’s not the best for you and they have a whole new ad campaign out that says well if you like it and you want it well then have it because I can because I can and that’s the way we live so much of our lives I want it I want it now and you know what I deserve it darn it so I’m gonna have it cuz I can that’s right so my friends we have to capture those thoughts when they happen and the more you do it the easier it becomes it’s the same thing the more you indulge the harder it is to stop the more you say no the easier it is to say no okay it’s the power of momentum it works both sides there is hope and there is a way and Scripture is one of the best ways when I’m in those moments these scriptures in particular if I say them to my selves if you have scripture memorized it is the most powerful tool you will ever have in your life because it is the truth when I want to believe society and I want to believe culture because it supports the things that I want only scripture can speak back against that because you know what happens we’re vulnerable we encounter sin and then we pursue it and when we pursue it man we are world class rationalize errs aren’t we world class I think we could all get a gold medal and rationalizing the things that we want and go after because there’s people around you who are gonna say oh yes honey you so deserve it you’re right nobody’s gonna want to tell you well no that’s actually probably not a great decision you probably shouldn’t do that because they want you to do it because if they if you do it then they can do a Duke to and not feel so bad right misery loves company that’s a true statement I don’t think it’s in the Bible but maybe misery loves company so we rationalize the things that we want but do you really deserve the debt that comes from shopping and overspending because you deserved it in the moment do you really deserve the pain that comes from losing your house because you overspent in moments of deserving it do you really deserve the pain of a body that’s overweight and hurting because you deserved the cake every time life got a little bit crazy do you deserve the hurting relationships that come from viewing things that you shouldn’t view broken marriages from discussions that happen on Facebook because it’s innocent and everybody does it because we may deserve that in the moment but that ah certainly leads to a fallout that you don’t deserve and that the people around you do not deserve yet we still embrace sin we still embrace that temptation that that desire engine brings up in us and what I think in my life at least what happens is and I think this is true of all of us I think ultimately the reason why we embrace is because we ultimately don’t trust that God’s plan is better than that thing we want in the moment and I think we don’t fully trust that because that doesn’t happen right then and there we can’t get it now the solution we’re seeking the thing that we want we want it now we want to feel that satisfaction now in the moment but when we follow God in his plan we don’t always get that right then and now reading scripture I wish I could tell you every time I read scripture I feel that same feeling I drink I get when I drink diet coke but it’s not the same it should be the same and maybe if I treated it differently it was the same but I get that there’s a difference in the way that we feel when we indulge our sin then the way we feel when we don’t indulge our sin and follow God the gift comes later not in the moment the gift comes the next day when you say I’m really proud of myself for not doing that thing yesterday it didn’t fix that AHA thing you wanted in the moment but the next day you feel good and then as you continue doing it you continue to feel so much better about who you are but when you indulge sin there’s this self-loathing that inevitably comes along with it because you’re disappointed in yourself because you know there’s a part of you no matter how much the world says it’s okay because they’re doing it too there’s a part of you that knows that this wasn’t the right thing for you and that hurts and you carry that around and it affects the way that you handle other people and we experienced the fallout most of us don’t end up with a causing somebody to be murdered because of our embracing of our sin but we are affected and not only are we affected the people around us are affected too I know that I’m a much better mother a much better human being when I’m doing the things that I know are right because I feel better but when I am engaging when I’m embracing those temptations I don’t like myself as much and when you don’t like yourself you don’t treat other people as well as you could because you’re not happy with who you are so David like us was struggling with the desire engine inside of him he wanted more than what he had he was tempted he pursued the temptation he embraced the temptation and he and all of us after have paid the consequences of that and so as I was walking out the door this morning I felt God tell me that I needed to do something that makes me feel very vulnerable but I cannot be your pastor if I’m not willing to do the things that I’m asking you to do if I’m not willing to leave the life that I believe God is asking us to lead together since my accident three years ago I have gained over 70 pounds because honestly life has been hard and I have sought satisfaction and things of this world and food it’s always been my go-to buddy it’s the thing that makes me feel better in the moment even if that moments only 2.5 minutes I feel better for a minute but then it adds on each other one piece of something after the next and the truth is I don’t feel better I don’t feel better so my commitment to you all to God is that I am going to follow him and I know it’s not going to be easy and I’m going to mess up and I’m not going to be perfect so don’t expect me to be perfect but expect me to be trying and not to stop trying and I’m gonna try with you and I asked of you today is that you identify not five things because we all have multiple things what’s the one big stronghold in your life what’s that desire engine that revs the highest that is causing you the most pain long-term and what are you gonna do about it there is something we can do there is we can choose differently in the moment trusting trusting that the relief that we are seeking will come eventually so I’m committing to you will you join me in that journey whatever your stronghold is may we fight together to not let it drive us anymore may we commit together to trust that God’s plan is better than whatever satisfaction of mine seeking in the moment and may we come together as a community and shine brighter because we’re living closer to God as we get to revival I’m going to break down some ways to do this in very practical steps that I hope help us all to live a more true life with our Father will you pray with me god I love you I love you so much and I’m so thankful that you are a help to us but God it is not easy it is not easy in the moment to trust that we can be satisfied differently so lord please help us to see this week to identify the stronghold that is biggest in our lives show us give us wisdom and then may we come together next week and start a journey toward being faithful to your plan your blessings and your best to our lives give us the desire to D be different give us the ability to change because only in you Christ will we change and it’s in the name of Jesus we pray amen